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Let’s Move With Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the Gang!

There’s music in the air, coming from open windows, handheld speakers, and car stereos.  It makes us want to dance!  Our phenomenal Dance instructor Coach Luisa created a fun multi-step dance to Meghan Trainor’s song “Feel Better When I’m Dancin’”, a song about confidence that she wrote for the animated film, The Peanuts Movie (2015).  To start you off, here’s a video of Coach Luisa doing the entire dance:  

There are basically 4 sections to the dance, which follow the 4 main sections of the song: the Verses,  the Pre-Chorus, the Chorus & the Section after the Chorus. The first moves in the dance start with the first lyrics of the song.  Here are the steps:

1. For the Verses:

Start in a comfortable standing position, hands down by your sides.  Once you hear the first words of the song, after the musical intro, lift your right hand and step forward with your right foot.  Repeat with your left hand and your left foot, bringing your feet together.  Now, step back with your right foot, bringing down your right hand.  Do the same with your left foot and hand.  Repeat moving forward with one hand/foot, and the other hand/foot, and while your hands are raised up together, clap them along with the music 2 times. Bring hands back down by your sides.  Repeat this entire movement 2 times.

2. For the Pre-Chorus:

Now, bend both of your arms and place your hands together at chest level.  Lift your elbows so your arms are parallel to the ground.  Start to turn in a circle clockwise, starting with your right foot, as you see-saw your elbows up and down with each step.  When you’ve completed your circle, point your right toe, raise both hands up to the sky and pose!  Repeat this movement turning counterclockwise and pose again.  Do these steps 2 times clockwise, and 2 times counterclockwise. 

3. For the Chorus there are 2 moves:

First, bend your arms and bring your hands together in front of your heart, keeping your elbows parallel to the floor.  Pump your hands forward and back, like you are mimicking the beating of your heart, while you hop on one foot.  Do this 8 times.  Keep hopping and open your arms wide for 8 more counts.

Second, you are going to jump around in a circle clockwise, jumping up with both feet, bending your knees and stretching your hands up as high as you can.  Make 2 complete circles doing these jumps.

4. For the Section after the Chorus (the musical part before the start of the next verse):

Once you have landed from your last jump, put your feet together, bend slightly at the waist, and bring your hands to your knees.  Now you will do the Charleston move called the Knocky Knees! Cross your arms so that your right hand is on your left knee, and your left hand is on your right knee. Open and close your knees and as you do, uncross and cross your arms.  Repeat this movement, opening and closing your knees and crossing and uncrossing your arms for 16 counts or until the verse starts up again. 

And that’s the Dance!! How did you do? Are you ready to dance with Charlie Brown and his gang?!

We hope you had a blast learning a new dance.  Maybe you can get your Dad to do it with you for Father’s Day!  Drop us a note below and let us know.  Or even better, share with us a photo or short video on our social media.  We’d love to see you dancing!


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