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5 Yoga Bird Poses to Energize and Strengthen

The birds are out, loud and proud, chirping their songs and reminding us that the day has begun.  We asked our awesome Yoga teacher Coach Jenn to share with us some fun Yoga poses to remind us of the strength and beauty of all birds, and to help us stimulate our immune systems and strengthen our bodies.  Here we go!

1. Pigeon Pose:

We celebrate the humble pigeon with this hip opener.

Start in downward facing dog and lift your right leg up behind you. Bend that knee, bring the leg forward, and place your knee on the floor near your right hand. Let your right shin and foot rest on the floor as well. As you do this, bend your left knee to the floor and straighten your back leg. Try not to twist your hips, but rather keep them squared straight. You can use a pillow here to support your hips if needed. Hold for a couple of minutes, gently rise back up and repeat on the other side.   

2. Eagle Pose:

The majestic eagle soars through the air with speed and agility, but it also stands, strong and powerful, ready for anything. 

To do the Eagle pose, stand up straight, arms at your side. Bend your knees slightly, and lift up your left leg and cross it over your right leg at the thigh. Extend your arms straight in front of your body, move your left arm under your right arm, bend your elbows, intertwine your arms and raise them up slightly. Try to have your palms touch as your arms are intertwined. Balance in this position, breathing steadily. Slowly unwind your arms and legs and repeat on the other side. This pose is great for increased circulation and energy.  

3. Crow Pose:

Crows are typically proud, intelligent, magical birds who can live in all kinds of habitats. Practice this Crow pose to develop upper body, arm and core strength, and focus. It takes patience and focus to dare to fly like the crow!

Start by squatting down, and placing your hands flat on the ground in front of you, shoulder-width apart. Spread your fingers wide. Lift your hips up toward the sky, bend your knees, and start to press them gently into the backs of your arms. Your heels should slowly come up off the floor as you lean into your arms. Bend your elbows as you need to for balance, and lean slightly forward, moving your weight and balance onto your hands. Pick up one foot off the floor and when you feel balanced, pick up the other foot. You can put a pillow down in front of your face as you practice balancing.  

4. Heron Pose:

The beautiful, tranquil heron often stands on one leg to conserve energy and heatThis yoga pose will stretch and strengthen your legs and back. You can try it with or without a pillow under your hips.

In a seated position, extend both legs in front of you and sit up straight. Bend your right leg back so that your right calf is close to or against your right thigh, and your right foot is next to the shin. Bend your left leg and bring your left foot up toward your body. Hold your left foot with both hands and lift it off the floor. Try to extend and straighten your lifted leg as much as you can. Keep your spine long, trying not to hunch over. Stay in this position for a few breaths, then, bring your left leg down, uncurl your folded right leg, and repeat on the other side.

5. Phoenix Pose:

The Phoenix is a powerful, mythological bird that rises from its own ashes to live again and again.  This advanced Yoga pose takes a lot of practice to do and will challenge your balance, focus and strength. 

Start by standing with both feet on the ground, about hips length apart. Move one hand behind your back, and with the other hand in front of your body, clasp or bind your hands together under your left leg. You can use a hand towel or small scarf to connect your hands if you prefer. Shift your weight onto your right leg, balance, and lift the left leg up off the ground. Your connected hands will be around your left leg, guiding it as you lift the leg higher. Balance in this position for a minute or longer, then lower your left leg back to the ground, unbind your hands, and repeat on the other side.

We hope you feel energized and renewed after these 5 exercises. Tell us what you think of our Yoga poses! You can comment below.  Also, share photos on our social media pages. We would love to see how you did trying to be a bird!

Thanks!  Super Kickers