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This is Jaelynn!!!

“I am very pleased with my daughter’s commitment to wanting to play and learn @ super kickers. She needed the format of playing soccer she had the idea of what to do which is run & kick. I’m fortunate and so blessed to have Coach Daniel as my daughters coach. He goes above and beyond for the kids and his teaching and passion for soccer inspires the kids to be better on and off the field. I don’t know any of the other coaches but coach Danny is an example of what a coach should be to the kids. Very thankful for super kickers and every time I ask my kid “do you like it?” She always replies “I love it dad” – said Jaelynn.”

Words by Jaelynn’s parents.

Jaelynn-001 mejia-001

Thank you Jaelynn and her family!

We love to have you playing with us!

Super Kickers Team!