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Online Classes (1)

Does your child miss taking in person lessons? Is your child super active and needs a directed physical activity to burn off energy?
If your answer is yes then our Video Lesson Packages are for you!

Our Video Lesson Packages were created to simulate the going to class experience!

We know staying home has been challenging for your little one. The change in routine or lack of one can be hard on parents too! Especially if your child LOVES going to his/hers favorite classes.

 Let Super Kickers come to you!

Each Video Lesson Package contains 5 progressive lessons in video format that your children can do at their own pace. It comes with a fun PDF Workbook to go along.

Lessons are age-appropriate, short and easy to follow, so that your child can practice on their own. All from the comfort of your home.

Available Packages:

Soccer Lessons

Simply find a small open space, indoors or outdoors, and use objects that you already have handy. Have your child watch the video lesson and practice alongside the coach. Lessons can be rewatched as many times as they want. Afterwards, have them complete the lesson workbook.

For the beginner player, we offer the Fundamental Skills Course. No previous experience necessary. Our curriculum includes fun games that play with your child’s imagination as they learn basic soccer skills. Recommended for preschoolers (Ages 3-4) and school-age (5-7).

For the older player (8+) who knows the basics of soccer and desires to develop more advanced skills,  Coach Everton’s Advanced Soccer Package is the perfect fit. It focus on ball mastery, footwork, strength and flexibility. Perfect for kids who would like to try out for a team in the fall and need to practice their skills at home.


Fundamentals of Soccer

AGES 3-4 & Ages 5-7

Coach Stefano's class pack will guide your young player into mastering the fundamentals skills of soccer. Players will develop their dribbling skills, balance, ball control, and reaction time. 


Advanced Soccer Training


Coach Everton's technical training will guide soccer players in developing their techniques, work on important body movements to improve their game, and master cool soccer tricks!

Ballet Workshop

 Do you have a young Ballerina(o) at home? In dance, repetition is key.

Coach Luisa has put together a series of 5 Video lessons:
Lesson 1: Floor Exercises + Warm ups
Lesson 2: Storytelling with Dance
Lesson 3: Basic Feet Techniques (Turn out, pointe, flex the feet, tip toes)
Lesson 4+5: Across the Floor exercises

The lessons can be watched and practiced many times. A fun PDF workbook to go along is provided. Your little one will be busy for hours!


Ballet Workshop

AGES 3-7

Coach Luisa will demonstrate intricate ballet techniques for young ballerinas to follow and gain skills, mobility, and flexibility to prepare them into becoming prominent dancers.

Enriching and Age-Appropriate

Our online classes were made to be as similar to an in-person class as possible, so the children feel like they’re practicing with their coach. Coaches have developed a progressive lesson plan so that members can acquire new skills and develop their techniques.

How to Nagivate Each Class Package:

  • All class packages have modules and lessons that are in order of development. Classes are released in order of progression, so the first time around, you watch it in order.
  • Each module has a lesson that includes a description of the class, “homework”, and PDF worksheets.
  • To unlock each module/lesson, you must first watch the video then mark it as complete. The following module/lesson will then be made available and you will be redirected to it.
  • Once you’ve completed all 5 classes, you may rewatch in any order, as many times as you’d like.
  • Bonus videos will become available as you watch the lessons!


Online Class Package

$ 45 / Package
  • 5 Progressive Video Lessons.
  • PDF Workbooks for each lesson .
  • Bonus videos.
  • Unlimited Access to Lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have available some free preview videos where children can get a glimpse of what they will be learning! Just look for the free modules inside each package.

Yes! Once you purchase a package, you can rewatch each lesson as many times as you’d like. We encourage children to rewatch/practice the contents of each class daily. Each time you watch a lesson, you generate EP (Engaging Points). Bonus videos become available after certain amount of EPs are acquired.

Once you've bought a package, you can access it here at anytime. Use the login information you've created when buying the package.

You can certainly share our sales page for your friends and family to purchase for themselves! We kindly ask members to not illegally download and distribute videos. 

It includes 5 progressive video lessons and 1 PDF Workbook for each lesson. Bonus videos become available after you acquire a certain amount of EP (Engagement Points).

Lessons are designed for small spaces - a 5x5 ft area is all you need

For soccer lessons, the coach may use a soccer ball and cones. If you don't have these at home, don't worry! You can replace the equipment with household items:

Soccer Ball – Any round ball, rolled up pair of socks
Tall Cone – water bottle, plastic cups, lego tower
Flat Cone – plastic bowl, small pillow, folded towel
Goal – Cardboard box, laundry basket, pair of sneakers against the wall


For ballet lessons, your child is more than welcome to wear their ballet attire if you have them. But if you don't, your child should wear socks.