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Create Your Own Unique
Straw Airplane!  

Who hasn’t been amazed and inspired at least once by watching something flying through the air? A bird, a butterfly, a balloon, maybe even a kite, defying the laws of gravity with ease, speed, power and strength. We watch in wonder and amazement at seeing what doesn’t seem possible – something riding on the wind.  We wish to be part of that experience in some way.  

Well, wishes do come true! With our Straw Airplane Art Project you will make your own simple and amazing airplane that will move through the air with the flick of your wrist! Combine your artistic sensibilities with some basic forces of flight and watch your artwork fly!

For this project you will need the following materials:

  • Paper or plastic straws
  • Paper: copy paper, sketch paper, index cards, light cardstock
  • Scissors, Ruler & Pencil
  • Markers or crayons or colored pencils, paint, stickers – whatever you have to decorate the paper
  • Tape


Using your ruler and pencil, draw 2 strips onto your paper.  The length and width of the 2 strips is really up to you.  But, to make your plane fly better, make sure that one strip is twice as long as the other.  For our plane, we made one strip 11 inches long by 1 inch wide, and the other strip 5.5 inches long by 1 inch wide.  Cut your strips out with your scissors.

Please note: if you are using index cards or other paper that is not very long, you can always cut two shorter strips and tape them together to make the one longer strip.


Get out your markers, crayons, colored pencils, paints or stickers and design and decorate your 2 strips of paper.  Use your favorite colors!  Write your name on them! Make stars or hearts, color on both sides – decorate them in whatever way you want.


Next, take your colored and decorated strips and tape them into a circle.  Make sure they are securely fastened.  You may need more than one piece of tape, especially if the strips are heavily decorated with crayon or paint.


Take a straw, lie it on your table or workspace in front of you, and place one end of it inside the larger circle of paper, aligning the edge of the straw with the edge of the circle.  Carefully tape the straw onto the inside of this paper circle.


Now, repeat Step 4 with your smaller circle. Place the other end of the straw inside the smaller paper circle.  Align the edge of the straw with the edge of this smaller circle.  Carefully tape the straw onto the inside of this paper circle.


Give it a toss and watch it fly!!  Your Straw Airplane is complete and ready for its first test flight.  Hold it between the 2 circles and throw it gently forward, like you would with a regular paper airplane!  Or swing your arm back like you are bowling and let it fly!

Andrew with his straw airplane.

So, how far did yours go?  Did it loop around or fly straight?  You can try making a whole bunch of straw airplanes using different sized circles to see what flies the best and farthest.  Let us know what you made and how it went!  Drop us a note below or on our social media.

Thanks for joining us!

Super Kickers.