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After School

Frequently Asked Questions

You may register online here.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for siblings.

For a list of our activities click here.

Click here to view a sample schedule of activities from the PS69 After School.

If there is availability you may change your child’s schedule before they start the Program. Once they are in the Program we advise you to keep your child in the same group. If you would like to request a change, please email with your request. Permission to change activities after the program starts is dependent upon the approval of the Program Director and subject to availability.

We do our best to encourage your child to participate by providing fun and engaging activities. Children are also given the option to sit out and read a book. If we see that it is recurring, we contact the parent to discuss the situation.

We have the following schedule options available:

  • Full Week (Monday through Friday)
  • Monday + Wednesday + Friday
  • Tuesday + Thursday

Enrollment days are set. For example, if your child is scheduled for Mondays, he/she cannot come on Tuesdays.

Dismissal is at 6:00 pm but there are options for early pick up at 4:00 pm & 5:00 pm.  We ask that you text the After School Program cell phone number by 12 noon on the day you wish to pick up your child early and specify which time you will pick up your child.  In the case of an emergency, please contact the Program Director immediately. 

No. All children must be picked up by 6pm.

Unfortunately due to ratio requirements, and to be fair to the full time members, we do not offer make ups or credits for missed days.

For ages through 9 years, the ratio is 1:10, with a maximum group size of 20. For ages 10-12, the ratio is 1:15, with a maximum group size of 30. 

There are multiple staff members who are CPR/First Aid certified including the Program Director and Site Supervisor.

Yes. Our After School program runs from September to June. On many school holidays we hold Mini Camps. And during the summer we offer full time Summer Camp.

We offer Mini Camps during many school holidays. You can find information on our mini camps here

You may cancel at any time by sending a written request 30 days in advance of your billing date to stop the payment plan. Requests are to be sent to

Children wash their hands upon arrival to the program. There is no mask requirement but children can wear masks if they want to or if their families want them to. All staff members are vaccinated. We follow all current guidelines from the DOH, DOE & CDC for health and safety. For information on the DOE Health & Safety protocols, please click here. For information on current CDC guidelines please click here.

We clean the seats and tables in the spaces we use as well as toys and other shared materials with Force of Nature Multipurpose Cleaner, an EPA-registered sanitizing & disinfecting cleaner that kills 99% of viruses.

If school closes, our program also closes. If that is the case, we will notify parents.

 If the program is required to close, all upcoming payments will be paused until the program reopens. Payments previously made will not be refunded or prorated. 

Other questions? Please contact us!

Call 1-888-439-1068 and press 2 for after school *
Or email

*If you need to contact your child's afterschool site supervisor during the program hours, please refer to your parent handbook for the phone number. The handbook can be found in your parent portal.