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Live Soccer Classes


Though we continue to respect the pandemic requirements to stay home, we can’t forget to have some fun! 

Coach Stefano’s class will bring fun soccer training right to your home every weekend. His classes follow similar guidelines as our regular in person classes and are oriented to provide a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. These classes are suitable for all levels of experience for children ages 3-10.

Children will practice:

  • Dribbling
  • Ball Control
  • Conditioning (making sure our bodies are strong)
  • Awareness of space
  • Speed control
  • Tricks

The class is meant to be held in any space available to families, so drills will be adapted in respect to space and restrictions. If you have any specific restrictions, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Schedule and Prices

Summer Session

Start Date: July 11th | End Date: August 29th

Saturday 3-4 9:30-10:00AM $64.00
Saturday 5-7 10:10-10:50AM $80.00
Saturday 8-10 11:00-11:40AM $80.00
coach stefano

About the Coach

coach Stefano

Stefano is a supportive, energetic and knowledgeable soccer coach from Colombia. He has played professionally for La Liga de Bogota and for the Cosmopolitan New York Soccer League D2 & D1. This class will focus on teaching the basic fundamentals of soccer to keep your child fit and active. All you will need is a ball and household items.

How the class works

Classes will be held via ZOOM. Once enrolled, an email will be sent to the email associated with the account with the zoom link and other important information. Save this email!

To join the class, simply click on the link 5 minutes before the start of class and wait for the meeting host to let you in. Classes will start at the exact scheduled time, so log in before to not miss anything!

What happens if you miss a class? 

If you miss a class, you are eligible for a make up. Make-ups must be completed within the season and cannot be carried over or refunded. Due to the number of available classes, your child will likely have two classes on the same day if a make up is scheduled.

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